Zucchini-Noodle Lasagna

Obligatory food post disclaimer: This is not a recipe. I wouldn’t even really call it advice. I’m just telling a story about how I make zucchini lasagna. Always remember that cooking times and temps vary with your equipment, climate, thickness of meat, and tons of other things that I can’t predict. Your mileage may vary. The door is ajar. Offer not valid in…  wait, what was I saying?

If you’re not already aware, I eat keto, meaning that I can’t stuff pizza crust and lasagna noodles in my face the way that I once did. The hardest thing about that isn’t avoiding those foods entirely – it’s realizing that I can’t just order and eat a pizza, or get a frozen lasagna, when it’s late and I’m hungry and tired. There are plenty of options for keto versions of those things, but you have to be willing and able to make it yourself.

I imagine a lasagna/eggplant Parmesan hybrid could be made using flat pieces of eggplant, but I find zucchini easiest to work with. For the most satisfyingly lasagna-esque flat slices, I recommend using a tool such as this mandoline to slice your noodle substitute. Once you’ve drained the slices for a while (I like to salt them during that step), slap it together with cheese layers and sauce layers, and you’re in business.

I used ground turkey for this batch, and since it has a lot less of its own fat than ground beef, I usually cook it in ghee or coconut oil.


I tend to experiment with different sauces. One thing I have trouble remembering every time is that I always add too much oil or other liquid (in this case, it was sherry vinegar and not-fully-drained canned tomatoes) to the sauce, and wind up with more juice in the bottom of the finished lasagna than I like. I do cook the sauce down on the stove top first, but all that baking in a covered lasagna is going to juice it up again pretty hard by the time it’s done.

Too juicy for me – your mileage may vary
This is what I mean by too much juice in the bottom (giggity)


Anyway. Whatever you’re putting in yours, layer that shit up like you would any other lasagna, minus noodle plus zucchini slices, and you’re in business fam.

That toasted Parmesan topping tho

I cooked my one 9×13 dish at 325 Fahrenheit for 45 minutes covered in foil, and then another 15 minutes at 350 Fahrenheit after taking the foil off, to brown the Parmesan I put on top.

Mmmmmmmm so much cheese


In addition to tasting amazing, this stuff was incredibly filling, and we had amazing leftovers for days. We will definitely be enjoying this again soon!!

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