Keto Gnocchi

Obligatory food post disclaimer: This is not a recipe. I wouldn’t even really call it advice. I’m just telling a story about a time I made ketogenic gnocchi. Always remember that cooking times and temps vary with your equipment, climate, thickness of meat, and tons of other things that I can’t predict. Your mileage may vary. The door is ajar. Offer not valid in…  wait, what was I saying?

I’ve been keto for about four months now. Most of the things I miss about non-keto eating were awful for me anyway: sugar binges to medicate my feelings away, salty crunchy fried food binges to medicate my feelings away, bringing the whole family-size package of snack food to my desk to medicate my … well. You get the idea.

Missing those types of things feels more like dealing with addiction than genuinely missing them, but one of the things I truly miss for itself is gnocchi.

*reaches toward screen* FORGIVE ME. *sob*

I’m usually wary of trying to make alternate versions of things like this because that frequently triggers cravings for the real thing, but I missed gnocchi so much I finally had to break down and try it. After some wandering around on the keto-webs, I landed on the Primitive Palate’s recipe for garlic gnocchi.

I will never be able to understand people who don’t like mushrooms.

I used Sarah’s exact amounts for the egg yolks and mozzarella, although I did use garlic powder instead of granulated. I was worried during the mixing phase that it was clumping badly, but it didn’t affect the final taste (which was fucking amazing) at all.

So much oil, and so tedious, but SO worth it.

After browning the gnocchi in butter, I combined them in the pan with my sauteed veggies, then added my personal favorite pasta sauce – capers, butter, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. If I’m feeling fancy I add the lemon zest as well.

If I’m not feeling fancy, I just drown the fucker in Parmesan and call it a night.

I will definitely be making this again! I got impatient this time and didn’t brown all the gnocchi as thoroughly as I should, which meant they got a little soggy in the lemon butter sauce. I plan to improve on that part next time I make these.

One of the thoroughly-browned pieces.

Overall, this recipe was a roaring success at my dinner table. Next time I’m thinking real granulated garlic, crispier gnocchi, and a poached egg on top will make it perfect!

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