DIY Wall Art

Just to be clear, going into the craft store was not my idea. I was only trying to provide moral support. Then I saw patterned scrapbook transparency sheets and my brain straight up mugged me and ran off with my wallet.

Supplies needed:

  • Scrapbook or other decorative papers of your choice
  • 12×12 frames (or whatever size your paper is)
  • Letters or icons if you feel like it
  • Scissors and tape or whatever, maybe
Iced coffee and/or alcohol optional. Although really, all parts of this are optional. It’s art, yo.

Because I’m lazy and cheap, I made my letters and cloud on my computer, printed them, and cut them out. You can also buy some nice pre-cut letters, if that’s your thing, or hand draw your shit if you’re more talented than I am. I would have preferred to cut mine out with my Xacto knife and cutting mat, but I can never find my cutting mat when I want it, only when it┬ámagically reappears and flops around in my way the next time I’m trying to find something different. So for this project, I ended up making do with scissors like a fucking peasant.

YOLO, I guess? Is that how YOLO works?
Pictured: the most time-consuming step of this project.

If you get fancy with the transparent stuff like I did, don’t forget to peel off any visible labels. Good luck with that, by the way, because companies that make labels just cannot get their shit together.

I mean, it’s worth it, because layering that transparency over other fancy paper is pretty satisfying. Before you assemble the whole thing though, place your letter or whatever you’re using on the front layer of paper where you want it, and roll some tape behind it to stick it down. Otherwise it’ll slide around in the frame and eventually look weird.

Finally, we’re ready to assemble the layers and put them in our frame. Assuming you bought the same size paper sheets and frame, this is the easy part; however, for some reason one of my pieces of scrapbook paper was slightly longer than 12 inches in one direction. You can use the cardboard backing from the frame as a cutting guide if you need to, or you can be a lazy jackhole like myself and fold the extra over the back and under the frame closures. You do you.

And there you have it!

The finished masterpiece.

If you’re a real adult, you can hang it on a nail or wall anchor or hook or something. If you’re me, you can just stick a pushpin in your wall and call it done.

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